"Dinosaurs Living in My Hair! 2" BOOK TWO
Dinosaurs Living In My Hair

"Dinosaurs Living in My Hair! 2" BOOK TWO

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Kids spend a lot of time focusing on their differences. "Dinosaurs Living in My Hair 2" takes a look at what happens when five friends discover what they have in common: first grade challenges, curly hair, and . . . dinosaurs!?! The fun begins when these "surprising similarities" help them find the courage to stand up to classroom bullies.

The imaginative illustrations in this sequel bring the fanciful tale to life and readers will enjoy a reassuring conclusion.

Emphasis on:

  • Poetry can be fun.
  • Imagination is King.
  • Begin the dialogue.
  • Defining community.
  • Bullying happens. What can we do?
  • What we share in common.
  • We are more alike than we think.
  • Fun. 
  • Kids love dinosaurs. The topic allows for teaching without kids knowing they are learning.

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