DLIMH Movement

So what is DLIMH? And . . . what is the DLIMH Movement?

DLIMH is an abbreviation of “Dinosaurs Living in My Hair.”  This whimsical children’s picture book uses an impossible scenario to capture children’s attention. Kids love dinosaurs because they were once real (and totally scary) but there’s no fear of running into one in their lifetimes. The thought of a dinosaur living in a child’s curly hair gets their attention. It’s crazy. It’s impossible. It’s funny. It means they have to use their imagination to visualize such a story and to us, this is perfection.

Every time the books are read in schools, libraries, homes, or events, the tiny dinosaur footprints are making impressions. This is the DLIMH Movement. Subtle changes happening without kids even realizing it.

When author Jayne Rose-Vallee teaches students to color outside-the-lines and embrace their creative imaginative spirit, her enthusiasm spreads the DLIMH Movement.

When a curly headed youngster feels proud of their spirals because it makes them unique, this represents the DLIMH Movement.


The appreciation of differences versus discrimination fosters the spirit of the DLIMH Movement. More importantly, the celebration of what we share in common is unifying.

Learning dinosaur facts AND exploring creatures who are alive today AND lived alongside dinosaurs, demonstrates how much fun learning can be. This is the DLIMH Movement.

Appreciating poetry and finding rhythm demonstrates how fun the DLIMH Movement can be.

Building self-esteem one child at a time by paying attention, listening, making eye contact, and sharing time with them exhibits the DLIMH Movement characteristics we applaud.

Little by little this movement is touching people’s lives.

With “Dinosaurs Living in My Hair2,” we’re adding SAY NO to BULLIES!

In summary, the DLIMH Movement focuses on:

  • Imagination
  • Creativity
  • Celebrate what we share in common
  • Learning is Cool
  • Color outside-the-lines
  • Poetry has rhythm and is fun
  • Self-esteem matters
  • Say “NO to Bullies!”
  • Make a difference one child at a time. They are our future.

The DLIMH Movement is open to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Best of all – It’s Free!